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Kids’ Minds Matter is a nonprofit organization advocating for children’s mental and behavioral healthcare, a critical initiative that needs your support! Every journey begins with a single step, and we believe the next step for Southwest Florida is to align providers and partners in a common mission. When we all come together, we become greater than the sum of our parts. Please join us by supporting Kids’ Minds Matter!

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  • Attend or host a community education course and continue the dialogue - the more we talk about solutions, the more we can help to reduce any stigma and reach those in need!

Please help us reach our goal of raising $10 million in the next three years to change the landscape of pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare in our community.

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A National Crisis That Impacts Us All

Kids with Mental Illness in the U.S.

According to Mental Health America, six out of 10 young people who suffer mental illness don’t get the treatment they need. That is because there is a critical shortage of pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare services in the U.S. Worse yet, most families struggle to pay for services that are available. A few staggering statistics about children’s mental health in the U.S.:

  • It takes an average of eight to 10 years after the symptoms start for children to get treatment. (NAMI)
  • 63% of kids with major depression are not receiving mental health treatment. (Mental Health America)

Kids with Mental Illness in Southwest Florida

This national crisis is also affecting children and families in our region of Southwest Florida:

  • 46,000 children in Southwest Florida will suffer from a severe mental illness at some point in their lifetime. One out of seven will be affected as early as age two.
  • It’s hard to get help because there is only one mental health provider for every 750 people in Florida (Florida Behavioral Health Association). It’s truly a matter of life and death for many.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death for children ages 10-24 in our state (Florida Behavioral Health Association).
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Mental and Behavioral Healthcare Solutions for Southwest Florida’s Kids

Children do best with early intervention, so it’s important to help young people before a crisis occurs. Kids’ Minds Matter is dedicated to fostering partnerships that support existing services, identifying gaps in the continuum of care, and innovating new treatments to meet the pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare needs in Southwest Florida. We are leading the way by unifying community partners to turn a scattered set of services into an effective and efficient pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare system.

Current Projects Funded by Kids’ Minds Matter

  • Pediatric screening and treatment to provide much-needed early intervention services for young people dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma.
  • Lee Health’s Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, in collaboration with SalusCare and Southwest Florida Community Foundation, have trained local pediatricians in managing their patients’ depression and anxiety through the REACH program.
  • Certified child advocates are leading conversations in the community, providing courses for parents and college freshmen, as well as training hospital-based clinicians, emergency staff, first responders, and school nurses in care management and advocacy.

Advancing a Tiered Model of Care

Through a regional “Syntegration” conference organized by Lee Health and Kids’ Minds Matter, 65 of the top clinical and administrative leaders in our seven-county region convened to work on the goal of improving mental and behavioral healthcare outcomes over the next one to three years. The focus was on delivering the right care at the right place and right time across the full continuum of services offered in our community. Their community-based, mental and behavioral healthcare improvement strategy incorporates best practices to create an overall wellness plan for children with mental and behavioral illnesses and serves as a healing vision for families desperately in need of help. The result is a tiered model of care:

  • Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Tele-Psychology
  • In-Person Counseling
  • In/Out Patient Services

What’s Next for Kids’ Minds Matter

Kids’ Minds Matter is launching its movement by aligning mental health providers, local and county agencies, the judiciary, law enforcement, schools, faith-based organizations, and the Lee Health team. Looking forward, Kids’ Minds Matter is committed to helping Lee Health launch its first-of-its-kind, integrated TelePsychiatry program. This leverages an evidenced based digital platform by which to screen, treat and educate families suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma. But that is just one example of the exciting things we see on the horizon! When you support Kids’ Minds Matter, you help our partners in three critical areas:

  1. Legislative Lobbying – with a focus on breaking down silos, unifying stakeholders, and lobbying for systematic change and sustainable funding for integrated pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare services.
  2. Developing clinical pathways – to more effectively screen and treat patients by improving access and quality across the full continuum of care, as close to home as possible.
  3. Education – aimed at improving public awareness and reducing stigma regarding mental health conditions.

Local Experts Highlight the Need for Children’s Mental Health

Meet Dr. Paul Simeone

Dr. Paul Simeone, VP of Mental and Behavior Health for Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, was recently on the faculty at Harvard Medical School’s Dept. of Psychiatry. He is a practicing psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in teaching, leadership and program development and improvement. In his new role, he is charged with aligning the tiered model of care with existing and developing resources both at Lee Health and in the greater community. This will be a collaboration between Golisano Children’s Hospital and other regional mental and behavioral healthcare providers to increase access to appropriate care.

Why Give? Susan Goldy & Scott Spiezle Share Their Story

When Susan Goldy and Scott Spiezle’s daughter was in elementary and middle school, she was suicidal. At night, she would tell her father, “I think I’m going to hurt myself,” and he would sleep on the bedroom floor to make sure this didn’t happen. “We thought it was something we were doing, or not doing, as parents,” says Spiezle. “It wasn’t until we saw a foremost expert in pediatric mental healthcare that we finally received the diagnosis and the needed treatment for her illness. Without proper care and services, I don’t think she would be with us today.” In 2016, the couple founded “Kids’ Minds Matter.” This grassroots effort has evolved into a regional movement to improve access to enhanced pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare services. “For us, it’s not about putting a name on a building, a room or equipment, we want to see the money raised go directly to provide care for youth,” adds Goldy.

Kids Minds Matter

To learn more about Kids’ Minds Matter or the Secret Garden Gala, including sponsorship opportunities, contact Lee Health Foundation at 239-214-0898

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