The Art for Life series was created to benefit the many services and programs of Lee Health and made their debut in 2003. Proceeds from sales are directed to the area of greatest need. For purchase inquiries, please email or call 239-214-0898.


Renowned artist Darryl Pottorf has long supported national and local charitable causes and continues to support Lee Health’s lifesaving mission. Each of the pieces seen below are original, untitled pieces from the Art for Life series and signed by the artist. The cost for each piece is $2,500, unframed. Approximate size of each piece is 18” high by 30” wide.

About the Artist

Darryl Pottorf’s works have been featured in many exhibitions in both Europe and America and have quickly moved him to the forefront of the world art scene. Pottorf was unanimously chosen by the Basel International Art Committee (Switzerland) to become one of only five yearly acquisitions to their prestigious permanent collections. In December 1996, he exhibited with Picasso and Rauschenberg at the Naples Philharmonic Fine Art Galleries.


Robert Rauschenberg provided 150 limited edition prints of the “Captiva Coda” line. The piece serves as an expression of the artist’s concern for those in need. Cost is $5,000 each, unframed. Each print is individually numbered and authenticated with the artist’s initials and thumbprint. Published by Gemini G.E.L., approximate print dimensions are 40” high by 30” wide.

About the Artist

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) touched all corners of the globe with works exhibited in every major museum in the world. Rauschenberg received hundreds of awards and honors throughout his career including the Presidential National Medal of Arts award at the White House, The Leonardo de Vinci World Award of Arts from the World Cultural Council in Mexico City, and a United Nations commendation for continuing support and contributions to worldwide social, economic and peacekeeping efforts.