Become a Mental Health Advocate with Kids’ Minds Matter

In Southwest Florida, an estimated 46,000 children are in desperate need of urgent pediatric mental and behavioral health care services. Founded in 2016 as a community partnership, Kids’ Minds Matter exists to raise the awareness and support required to make these services available throughout the region. With your help, we can educate our community and positively impact the lives of many by advocating for children’s mental and behavioral health.

To others, your commitment represents not only your deep commitment to your own community, but also the value you place on mental health and education. Are you ready to take a stand?

Advocate for Our Children

  • Take Classes
  • Share Resources
  • Stay Informed
  • Tell Your Story
  • Make a Donation
  • Encourage Legislative Action
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Become a mental health advocate with Kids’ Minds Matter today.

Donate Now

Are you ready to make a difference and empower your community to overcome these challenges? Your financial support helps us ensure every child can get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Create your own fundraising page! Join the Power of 10 Campaign and help bring awareness, education and resources to SWFL.

Advocate for Legislative Action

In order to make real-world changes and improve outcomes for our Southwest Florida children, visibility and representation matter. Reach out to your elected officials and ask them about legislative action to support pediatric mental and behavioral health care services.

60% of young people who suffer with mental illness don’t get the treatment they need.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 10-24.

For every 750 patients, there is just 1 mental health provider.

Megan’s Story

Damini’s Story

Kelly’s Story

Inspire Others & Offer Hope by Sharing Your Story

Conversations about mental health can be tough. Sometimes, an individual may not feel that they have the ability, permission, confidence or strength to speak up about the challenges they face. For these children, you can make a difference by sharing your story and advocating for improved mental and behavioral health care services to serve those in dire need.

Attend or Host a Community Education Course

Education is a key foundation in raising awareness and affecting change. Consider hosting a private gathering to share the important mission of Kids’ Minds Matter to increase access to care across a five-county region of Florida, including Lee, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Charlotte counties.

You can also attend one of our community education classes! Kids’ Minds Matter regularly hosts a series of informative workshops, seminars and support groups designed for children, parents and caretakers.

The Courtnage Courage in Our Community Award

The Courtnage Courage in Our Community Award was created in honor of KMM’s early investors, Larry and Kathy Courtnage. It recognizes an individual who has overcome challenges to positively affect others in our community. This year’s winner, Kelly Maguire, is a youth mental health advocate whose dedication, hard work, bravery and determination are an inspiration to many.
Kathy Courtnage, Kelly Maguire, and Larry Courtnage

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Subscribe to the Kids’ Minds Matter eNewsletter to receive regular updates about upcoming programs, advocacy opportunities and generosity in action. It’s a great way to stay connected and learn about the positive impact that we are making within the Southwest Florida community. You can also contact us via email or call 239-214-0921.

Share Kids’ Minds Matter Resources
with Your Community

One important role that a mental health advocate fulfills is to share effective resources with others in need. To help you support your community, Kids’ Minds Matter has prepared a wealth of education resources on the topic of children’s mental health. These include and advocate toolkit, as well as contact information for a community network of emergency hotlines, kid-focused resources and family-focused partners who can come alongside those in crisis with compassion and support.