How to Advocate for Children’s Mental
and Behavioral Health Care

Kids’ Minds Matter presents many ways for you to advocate for children in our community, ensuring their mental and behavioral health care needs are better met. Here are three ways you can contribute to a brighter future for Southwest Florida children and families.

DONATE to Kids' Minds Matter

Your donations to Kids’ Minds Matter empowers Lee Health and its many partners throughout Southwest Florida to serve the mental and behavioral health care needs of our children. Our most recent Impact Report (link to Impact Report) details our accomplishments to date, as well as our visionary plan for the future. Our mission is possible only with the help of generous donors who give all they can because they know kids’ minds matter.

Share Resources

Knowledge is power. Learning more about children’s mental and behavioral health, and sharing that information with others in our community, makes a huge difference!

Share Resources

Help send an important message, loud and clear, to kids throughout Southwest Florida – you are not alone! Enhance your advocacy skills and show your passion for helping others.

Kids' Minds Matter young boy smiles into the camera
Mother advocate and daughter in pigtails play with Kids' Minds Matter resources
Kids' Minds Matter advocates for young girls like this young Asian child