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Together, we are accomplishing real change! Share your appreciation with our elected officials by letting them know you are grateful for their hard work and dedication on behalf of children’s mental and behavioral health. Let them know how thankful you are that they listened to our community’s concerns and took active steps to improve access to quality pediatric health seervices for children and families in Florida.

In the form below, you have the opportunity to send thank-you letters to elected officials for supporting the Home Base Florida’s funding request to provide mental healthcare programs for military personnel and their families; advocating for the funding of the Lee Health Graduate Medical Education Center (GMEC) to expand training opportunities for healthcare workers; and advocating for the Live Healthy legislative package that improves healthcare access for Floridians.

Complete the form below to generate your thank-you letter. Once the letter is ready, you can easily copy and paste it into your email provider (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and send it to elected officials. To find the email addresses of the officials who championed each initiative, simply click on Step 2.

For The Home Base Letter and GMEC thank you letters, you will see a button that opens an email with all of the needed recipients.

After you generate the Live Healthy letter, you will see the options for whom to send it to. Click on the name of the representative to whom you would like to send an email. 

Like to send another letter to a different representative? Refresh the page to generate a new letter.