Building Bridges & Empowering Families: Shelby Foit’s Approach as a Mental Health Navigator

Shelby FoitAs a Mental Health Navigator at Kids’ Minds Matter, Shelby Foit is dedicated to connecting families with available mental health resources to promote healing and empowerment. Shelby’s extensive expertise and compassionate guidance help residents in our community navigate the complex world of mental health.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Shelby earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, preparing her for a life-long career committed to the mind, its behaviors, and the multifaceted dynamics of human relationships. After graduation, she embarked on a fulfilling career journey where she served in various diverse roles in the mental health field. Shelby leverages this firsthand, invaluable, real-world experience to provide effective solutions to those facing mental health challenges.

For instance, during her time with the Department of Children and Families, Shelby worked as an investigator. This role equipped Shelby with a valuable range of skills, including the ability to handle difficult, vulnerable situations with deep understanding and empathy. Shelby is committed to bringing these same skills to her role as a Mental Health Navigator to positively impact the lives of those she serves.

That unwavering commitment to serving others is the drive behind Shelby’s career journey and what ultimately led her to her position today. She possesses a genuine passion for supporting and advocating for those in need. Shelby takes immense pride in cultivating long-lasting, meaningful relationships with families and others in the community.

Shelby’s authenticity, generosity, and willingness to go the extra mile have made her a respected teammate within the Mental Health Navigator program, as well as a trusted confidant for countless families and children in Southwest Florida.

The positive, lasting impact that Shelby and other Mental Health Navigators have on students, family members, neighbors, and our community is because of the generous contributions we receive from people like you. Through your philanthropy, you can become a supportive advocate for advancing pediatric mental and behavioral health services for families and children across our region.