Mental Health Mondays – “Creating Unity and Mindfulness through Family Yoga”

Mental Health Mondays - April 20 Event

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Key Takeaways – April 20, 2020 | 2 p.m.

Laura Grabinski, certified yoga teacher and teacher at her studio, Lo’s Yoga, Naples

“Creating Unity and Mindfulness through Family Yoga”


  1. Breath work is an important calming tool. Breathing exercises and holding your breath teaches you how to regulate your nervous system so that when things become overwhelming, you can easily take a breath and practice coming back to calm. You find that your nervous system doesn’t have to be in a state of shock. Your breath will come back if you welcome it and invite it. Mindful breathing trains the body, the mind, the breath, the nervous system to relax. For children, I practice Magic Breath, which helps them to breath in and out and think happy thoughts. For adults, an easy breathing exercise is to inhale through your mouth for five counts, hold your breath for seven counts and exhale through your mouth for nine counts. It’s a natural way to rely on your own energy to calm down.
  2. Yoga is beneficial for kids (and adults!). Kids are so used to getting information from others. Yoga gives them the opportunity to still and listen to their own minds. Listen to their own bodies. To learn that they can do more than what they think they can do if they slow down and take the time to do it.  Yoga teaches them to be more self-dependent and resilient and to find balance within their own mental and physical scopes of their body. Yoga helps achieve emotional balance by quieting down, but still being able to move in ways that are exciting and challenging. The health benefits of getting children moving and quieting down the noise around them helps them stay grounded.
  3. Find the yoga practice that works for you.  The more you practice, the better the benefits. There’s yoga for better concentration. Yoga for sports. Yoga to overcome challenges. Yoga for swimming. There are so many kinds of yoga. It’s about finding the one that’s best suited for you and what your needs are. There’s definitely a benefit. Even if you can’t physically move. Breathing is yoga. Sitting still with your mind and your body is yoga. Yoga started as a very meditational practice. It has only evolved into this physical practice. The more you do it, the better you get at it.