Unmasking the Epidemic: Conversations Matter

brad and hayden hunstableThe world lost Hayden Hunstable to suicide on April 17, 2020, just four days before his 13th birthday. Hayden did not struggle with depression nor did he have a history of mental health problems. His parents attribute Hayden’s emotional suffering to a “perfect storm of routine disruption, social isolation, increased gaming, and a pressure stack of activity cancellations,” all created by the mandated stay-at-home orders in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Brad Hunstable posted a heartbreaking video two days after burying his son and spoke of an “emotional bubble” that he believed was about to burst in America. His video hit home with parents all over the world, immediately going viral, and amassed more than 110 million views with countless comments.

Hunstable founded Hayden’s Corner in his son’s memory to raise awareness about youth struggling with mental health issues and to advocate for legislative change to mandate resilience classes as part of the core curriculum for K-12 schools nationally. In December 2020, Hayden’s Corner premiered a PSA aimed at educating parents on responsible gaming and oversight from parents and the gaming industry.

Warning: The content of this trailer contains extremely sensitive subject matter and viewer discretion is strongly advised. By sharing this video we aim to educate viewers on the serious need that exists among the children of our community, and that it continues the conversation about mental health awareness and services. If you are struggling with mental health illnesses, we encourage you to talk with a trusted adult. If you are in crisis, please call 9-1-1 or one of the hotlines below immediately.

Mental Health Resources

National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
Dial 988

Suicide Prevention Lifeline logo
National Suicide
Prevention Lifeline
SAMHSA's National Helpline for Kids' Minds Matter
National helpline
CPE logo
The Center for Progress and
Excellence Mobile Crisis Unit:
(Lee, Hendry, Glades,
Collier & Charlotte Counties)

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