Meet Brittany, Mental Health Navigator


As a former teacher with a degree in child and youth development, Brittany knows the importance of building trust when she works with families as a Mental Health Navigator. She shares her own story about her brother’s severe ADHD and how it impacted her and her family. Later, in college, she discovered she had undiagnosed ADHD and a learning disability.

When she realized she was not dumb or a failure but only learns differently, she became successful in school. Through her own experience, she helps families understand that it is OK that success is different for everyone.

If Mental Health Navigators had been available when her family was struggling, they could have changed the dynamic of their home. One of her brothers did not have the support he needed and turned to drugs. It is one of many reasons she looks forward to providing support for others.

What is different about being a teacher to becoming a Mental Health Navigator is the ability to really get to know what families are going through and help them, whether during the school day or not. Families know that Navigators are there to help them. But the goal of the program is also to help families learn how to help themselves and give them control over their situation.

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