Shining a Light on Mental Health Navigators: Jean Claude Sime

Jean Claude Sime is a source of comfort and support for children and families in Southwest Florida. As a Mental Health Navigator at Golisano Children’s Hospital, his compassion and dedicated hands-on approach help guide caregivers toward the support they need during challenging times.

Originally from Haiti, Jean Claude moved to the United States sixteen years ago. He earned a double Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies and criminal justice from Florida Gulf Coast University. After graduation, Jean Claude took his knowledge and experience to the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, where he worked in social services for about four years. From there, he worked with the Salvation Army for two years.

Jean Claude was soon offered a job to pioneer the Care Coordination program at Boys Town/Father Flanagan’s Team in Southwest Florida. While at Boys Town, he worked closely with families that were facing financial struggles, including those with children who had emotional and mental health challenges. Through his Care Coordination program, Jean Claude was able to connect families and children with the social services and community resources to best support their needs.

While at Boys Town, Jean Claude broadened his knowledge and expertise by training to become an educator in critical matters families face. His comprehension and understanding of issues like substance misuse, domestic violence, and money management helped Jean Claude successfully facilitate parenting classes.

In 2019, Jean Claude received his Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) from Hodges University. During that time, he worked as a Shelter Case Manager for Youth Haven for a few years and then interned at the Crossroads Behavioral Health Center at the Hendry County Jail.

Before becoming a Mental Health Navigator, Jean Claude served as a Family Consultant at Camelot Community Care. While there, he helped families locate, connect, and utilize supportive resources to help them on the road to self-sufficiency.

At Kid’s Minds Matter, Jean Claude’s experience supporting a diverse variety of families throughout his career has enabled him to overcome cultural and societal barriers so his clients can succeed and achieve their goals. Furthermore, his knowledge of multiple languages – Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, and English – has been instrumental in serving families and children in our community.

Every day, Jean Claude strives to create an inclusive environment where families of all backgrounds and ethnicities feel welcomed and supported. We, and the children and families we serve, are incredibly fortunate to have Jean Claude as part of our extraordinary team of Mental Health Navigators.

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